Skincare Routine + Fave Products

Your makeup will only look as good as the skin that is underneath it all…I think most people can agree with this statement. It took me a long time to really find and input a skincare routine into my daily life but since I have, I’ve noticed major differences. As I get older, even though I am 23, the earlier you start taking care of your skin the better!! This will prevent all future issues that many of us struggle with in our later years. That being said, you do not need to have a routine with 30 different products that require 10 steps. It is easy to create a routine with as little as 3-5 products at most! Of course, whatever you feel is best for your skin is your decision to make.

I wanted to give an overview of my skincare routine and products I use daily or weekly. Maybe you have oily/combo skin like me and you are needing some product recommendations or simply trying to figure out how to build a routine. Either way, I hope this post is helpful for you! 🙂


Probably the most important product in your skincare routine…and also maybe the most difficult to figure out the right one for you. I have tried about 10 products in the last 5 years, using them off and on or switching completely. Like I mentioned, I have combo to oily skin. It is easier for me to suffer from breakouts and harder for my makeup to stay on. I also suffer from hyper-pigmentation/redness so cleansers that are gentle are necessary for me. What is important to look for with an “oily skin” cleanser is one that will not strip your skin of moisture, as this will only cause your skin to produce more oils. The Cerave Foaming Cleanser for Normal/Oily Skin is my current facial cleanser; I have used it in the past and after deviating from it for awhile, I’ve settled that it works best for what my skin needs. It is very gentle, never leaves my skin feeling tight, and it most definitely helps control oil production. On top of all these great benefits, it is very affordable and can be found at most any drugstore, Fred Meyer, Walmart, etc. The whole entire Cerave brand is great, they have product for all skin types. I think this is a brand that is safe for most people to try out and will do a well enough job at cleansing the face and giving you the results you need with a great price tag.


After cleansing my face, I always follow up with toner. Toner is kind of a tough product in the sense that many people don’t always think to use it. However, toner really helps to bind moisture to the skin and can be used as an “on-the-go” type of cleanser as it will help any areas that get oily in the daily and refresh your skin. I love using Thayer’s Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner in the scent Rose Petal. It has really helped reduce redness for me with continued use and on some days I truly will just take this guy on a cotton pad and wipe my whole face if I am in a rush or need a quick freshening. Again, this product is very affordable and readily available at most retailers or on Amazon. There are many toners out there, but one thing I would suggest to everyone is to make sure your toner is alcohol free. Alcohol should not go on your skin! It will dry it out and strip your skin…don’t do it!


Alright…I am going to be completely and fully honest with you guys here. Serums are tough and I don’t totally believe they are 100% necessary in your routine by any means. I did not start using serums in my routine until about a year ago. For serums and skin treatments you really have to figure out what your skin is missing or needing improvement on. Uneven texture, dullness, pores/oiliness, dry patches, wrinkles, etc. Serums are meant to target these specific issues in a way that you will not get with a cleanser or a toner necessarily. My best advice is to just dip your toes into this slowly and do your research. Some serums are expensive and totally worth it, others can be cheap and just as effective. One brand that is raved about and super affordable with great results is The Ordinary. One of my friends recommended them to me and so I tried the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Serum and it has truly made such vast improvements in terms of my oiliness and pore size. Another is TruSkin Vitamin C Serum from Amazon. I also use the Glam Glow SuperSerum 6-Acid Refining Treatment Serum that I received in a Boxycharm. Whatever serums you use, always pay attention to the order they are supposed to go onto your skin!


I like to think moisturizers are pretty easy to work with. As long as you pick one that is clearly catered toward your skin type, you can switch around with moisturizers if you so wish. My current favorite, and likely will remain an exclusive for me is the Good Mood Gel Moisturizer by Fourth Ray Beauty. I have used the Glow Recipe Watermelon Moisturizer and Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel interchangeably within the last couple years. All of these were really nice as they quickly absorb into the skin and does not leave my skin greasy or tacky. It’s important to always apply moisturizer after cleansing your face, as this helps your skin stay balanced and hydrated.


Probably the most important thing you can do for your skin, especially when you are young!! I know I know, it can feel greasy…it can break you out…it smells funny…leaves a white cast, etc. I used all the same excuses for why I wasn’t wearing it daily but it really is so important. Nowadays, there are so many facial sunscreens created by brands which cater to these worries and that you can use underneath makeup. Do your research!! I discovered Supergoop! and I fell in love. It gives a slight mattifying affect, no coloration at all, not overly strong scent and no greasy feeling. Plus, my makeup still goes on wonderfully. You can also always find a moisturizer with SPF or a primer with SPF, just make sure you are wearing your sunscreen each day to protect yourself, your skin will thank you now and definitely later!

Face Masks, Facial Sprays, the Rest…

These items I use sparingly, as in they are not a daily thing in my routine but they are products used to help your skin throughout the week. Face masks I use about once a week or so, I always use the Amazonian Clay Mask and mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar (from Amazon) and I recently have been loving the Big Detox Mud Mask by Fourth Ray Beauty. I do have the Watermelon Sleeping Mask from Glow Recipe as well for extra hydration and to help balance out my skin from time to time. Facial sprays for me are more just for the refreshing purpose of it all, than any benefits they claim to have. Pick something that smells nice, look at the ingredients and use it refresh your makeup or skin throughout the day, when you wake up or before you sleep; my favorite is from Mario Badescu. I do use exfoliants and peels that help remove dead skin and renew my skin about twice a week, my favorites are from Fourth Ray Beauty or Dermalogica. All of these added products help clean the skin deeper than normal and keep it nourished throughout your week 🙂

That about rounds it all up!! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or in the comments section 🙂 Skincare is so important! Especially the older you get, do your research and keep testing and trying until you find your perfect routine! You will get there with time!

Until Next Time,

E ❤

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