Fourth Ray Beauty Haul

There is a common idea where skincare has to be expensive for it to be good quality and effective…however, in today’s market you can find loads of affordable options. Fourth Ray Beauty is the sister company of Colourpop that specializes in all things skincare. Everything on their website is listed at an extremely affordable price and the ingredients are clean, high quality and effective.

I recently did a haul of some products to add to my daily skincare routine in hopes it would replace some of my more expensive products but give me similar or better results. Since most everyone I know loves to save money, I thought I should share my most recent purchases including a little blurb about how they have worked so far and what they have replaced. 🙂

Good Mood Gel Moisturizer

I am always pretty explorative with my moisturizers but I tend to always lean for gel formulas as they quickly absorb into the skin and do not leave you greasy. Since I have oily skin, these aspects are a must for me! This moisturizer is oil free, contains hyaluronic acid, watermelon seed extract and rose water. It has a light and refreshing scent and is very smooth on the skin. The only thing I’ve noticed with it is that it leaves my skin a little sticky…I could be using too much possibly so I will keep messing around with it. Otherwise, it does a great job at moisturizing the skin and does not break me out!

The Big Detox Mud Mask

Since I wear makeup often and I have oily skin, detoxing mud masks are a biiiig deal for me. I always try to use them about once a week to really cleanse my pores and get any gunk out. On first application, THIS STINGS. I was worried at first I was reacting to it or allergic but after about five minutes it stopped hurting and so I figure this is the mask just really digging deep into my pores. When I take it off, I can see all the little dots, sebum and any acne I have come to surface. THIS STUFF WORKS. I have replaced my Amazonian Clay Mask with this guy simply cause I feel it is more effective. The ingredients include bamboo charcoal, tea tree oil, kaolin clay and glycolic acid which are all known to refine impurities and exfoliate.

Watermelon Seed Face Oil

Face oils…a topic that makes me nervous due to the fact that I have OILY SKIN. However, I have heard from many influencers that adding an oil to your skin a couple times a week can help balance out your skin and decrease oil production, you just have to pick the right oil. Watermelon Seed Oil is known to restore moisture and balance the skin, it’s rich in Vitamin A and E to help balance sebum production, detoxify the skin and combats radical free damage. When I use this, I do wake up the next morning visibly less oily and glowing…so far I like it!

Watermelon Face Milk

If I am being 110% I still don’t know the difference between face milk and face oil other than that the Face Milk contains more ingredients than just the oil. This has bamboo milk, cucumber water and aloe which all are known to hydrate the skin. This smells amazing and feels great on the skin. It does not make me more oily and when I wake up, I definitely see my skin looking more plump and glowing…nervous to use along with the Watermelon Seed Oil but maybe I will see what they do when acting together. So far, I am a fan!

BFD Cleansing Oil

This made me break out…sooo badly. My chin was like a minefield of deep pimples…super disappointing cause I have heard wonderful things about double cleansing, this guy just isn’t for me. Ingredients include camellia, juniper berry and meadowfoam seed oil. Not sure what about it didn’t agree with my skin but we aren’t friends. However, I can use this to clean my makeup brushes, sponges and tools without any issue so I will use it up for this as to not waste it 🙂

Clean Slate Foaming Exfoliator

This stuff smells insanely strong but I decided to opt for it cause it is very similar to the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. You pour the product into your hand and just add water. It is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean. It does not strip my skin, make it dry or break me out. The ingredients include AHA, BHA and fruit Extracts, tea tree oil, volcanic rock, eucalyptus and kaolin clay. I prefer this one over the Dermalogica as I feel it not only exfoliates the skin but gives it a deeper clean and renewal of the skin.

Black Satin Bow Headband

Okay yeah I know it is an actual skincare product! But it is a cute accessory that they offer that I have quickly fallen in love with. I always need my hair pulled back while washing my face, doing my makeup or just living daily life. This little headband is SOOO cute and it just makes me feel happy and perky and cute, so I had to include it as a recommendation. They have satin scrunchies as well, which look adorable and are great to wear to prevent hair from frizzing or crimping overnight! No harm in adding a little style to your skincare routine 😉

Let me know if you have tried anything from Fourth Ray Beauty or if you are interested in anything after reading these reviews. Can’t wait to try more of their products in the future as they are truly high quality without the high price tag 🙂 Any questions, suggestions, comments…leave them below!

Until Next Time,

E ❤

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